DUZ V3 Dryer + Holster Set

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* DUZ V3 uses PMSM motors that produce wind speed that is more powerful than what traditional pet dryers produce. This allows for smooth rotation over the entire speed range of the motor and accurately controls the torque, speed, acceleration

* Hands-free for comfort, with other functions such as a regular hair dryer / can be installed anywhere, ensuring safety and stability.

* Customize with 5 different wind speed settings and 6 different temperature settings for over 30 different combinations

* 360-degree adjustable drying tube to direct heated air where its needed

* A variety of diffusers are available for a variety of scenarios that may come up when drying your pet. In addition, the oval/wide/Y-shaped diffuser is made of soft silicone which is pet-safe

* Different accessories and attachments which include a dust filter, clamp, base for hand use, and more so that you can use the Duz V3 any time, anywhere

* One of the accessories is a Holster. The holster pouch can put a dryer. Also, with an adjustable belt, you could wear it on your waist or your shoulder comfortably. Help to keep focusing on drying pets with both hands

* The clean aesthetic and pearl white color tone allow the DUZ V3 to be used to dry your pet in any living room, bedroom, bathroom, or backyard without limitations

* We have taken precautions to ensure that the exterior of our dryer is durable and resistant to heat discharge. So rest easy knowing that you won’t burn your precious one if you happen to accidentally bump the dryer against him

This dog blower has 1 year Warranty, Free replacement

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