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duz V2Pro Upgraded: Professional Hands-Free Dog Dryer for Grooming, Adjustable Settings for Fluffy Coats, Low-Noise & Stress-Free Grooming Solution, Perfect for Mid-Size Dogs & Cats

duz V2Pro Upgraded: Professional Hands-Free Dog Dryer for Grooming, Adjustable Settings for Fluffy Coats, Low-Noise & Stress-Free Grooming Solution, Perfect for Mid-Size Dogs & Cats

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About DUZ V2 Pro

  • Versatile and Efficient Drying: With a 360-degree adjustable tube and hands-free operation, our pet dryer provides a comprehensive solution for grooming. Also includes a wall mount attachment for various setup options.
  • Powerful Yet Quiet: Our advanced PMSM motor operates at 10000rpm, offering a powerful airflow for efficient grooming while maintaining a low noise level of 69.7dB for a stress-free experience.
  • Energy-Efficient Performance: Consumes only 900W, lower than most hair dryers(1200~3500W), without compromising airflow. An eco-friendly choice, delivering superior performance while saving energy.
  • User-Friendly Controls & Safety: Features intuitive touch buttons for fan speed and heat control, along with an ALCI Plug and a 30-minute auto shut-off feature for safety and energy efficiency.
  • Portable and Assured: Compact size, lightweight design, and a long hose make it easy to handle and transport. It comes with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty and PL insurance for peace of mind, making it ideal for both home use and mobile grooming professionals.

Customer Reviews

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yoo you.
The value in this dryer is the ability to dry your pet mostly unattended.

When I initially used this, I was very disappointed in it. It was not what I was hoping for or expecting. At full power, it's LOUD. Definitely not as quiet as advertised. And, I feel like it's louder than my high end pet dryer that with the max settings, can de-shed a dog. It wasn't as powerful as I was expecting, but it did the job. The second time I used this, though, I understand the value of this dryer.

The best thing about this dryer is that you can dry your pet mostly unattended. If you watch my video review, you'll see what I mean. I used to take me 25 minutes with our other dryer to dry our dog enough. And, it was a lot of work. You're actively hunched over your dog, and actively working the dryer. It was just a PITA and a lot of work. But, with this dryer, it's so much easier. I just love it. I put my dog in the crate, and I position the dryer in different areas to dry different spots. I periodically walk over to give him treats to help calm him down. In fact, I'm writing this review right now while the dryer is drying him. I absolutely love it.

The next best thing is how light this dryer is. It's REALLY light, in fact lighter than my wife's hair dryer. It's very portable as well. Also, I love how the zero heat setting runs COLD. No heat at all. None of my other dryers do that. I think my main gripe with this dryer is how loud it can run. At full blast, it's LOUD. That's the main reason I took a star off the review. Some more facts:

At peak airflow of 5 and zero heat, the dryer draws only 103 watts. At max level heat setting of 5, the dryer draws 930 watts of power. Just to compare, a regular blow dryer at max heat and airflow will typically draw around 1500 to 1600 watts of power. So, this is not going to be as "powerful" as even a regular professional hair dryer. But, most of that power draw will be for heat. In terms of air flow, I think this is as powerful. I haven't tested the air flow, because I broke my anenometer not that long ago. But, it seems more powerful than a regular hair dryer.

After the second dry, I would highly recommend this dryer if you're looking for a way to dry your pet mostly unattended. I know in my video review it seems like I was disappointed at first. But, I've grown to love this thing. It's such a labor save. I just hope this thing lasts a while.

yoo you.
Wow! Awesome!

I have four forced air dryers and an enclosed dryer. However, this is by far my favorite. It is portable. The flex hose is the absolute best. It can be set on the table or mounted on the wall. It has five temperature settings and five air settings. It has a 30 minute timer. It did a great job of drying the puppy. The two year old had thick, cotteny fur. The underside and cuff did not dry all the way. Overall, I really love this dryer.

yoo you.

try to brush, hold, dry all at once, not enough hands....
this is brilliant, maybe I missed these all my life, but love it, works great...
its an extra person there holding the dryer for you! perfect for small dogs on grooming table
works as advertised, heat is very good, fast dry and has not tripped any breakers....
easy neck to point heat where you need it.... well made, for the pro or serious doggie lover
no flaws here, great product, super unique, 5 stars

yoo you.
Point as you need

This is really cool how you can position it to where you want and keep your hands free for brushing and aiding in drying. It sounds like most dryers, which my dog is scared of, but she liked that I could brush her and hug her as she dried. It definitely takes some time to dry my doodle as she has curly hair on top layer and straight and fine underneath. It's super thick too. So we did a 30 minute round and then came back later to kind of fluff her up a bit. I'd say this is awesome to have and super helpful to get your pets fur dry.

yoo you.
Fuss-Free Pet Drying at Home

When my mom moved in, she brought along her 10 yr old Shih Tzu. We already have a playful, young Aussie and old bulldog. Bath time, for all but our “old man,” was a bit of a circus, especially drying them off. We used to towel them dry to get the bulk of the water off and then finish up with my hair dryer. Half the time they’d wiggle out of my arms and then I’d have to chase them around with my hairdryer, which was... a scene.Then I got this pet grooming dryer.
The dogs are actually chill during drying now. They seem to like it. I like it because I can dry them without having to juggle the dryer and a brush. We have it mounted on the wall, so I'm not tripping over more stuff on the floor.
It's powerful but doesn't freak the dogs out since it's pretty quiet. I love that it's got safety features like auto shut-off, because with 10 people, 3 dogs, and 2 cats, in the house, and a mini-farm in the backyard, I sometimes get distracted. Honestly, it's made grooming so much easier. We're done quicker, and the dogs aren't stressed. Plus, no more playing tag with a hairdryer and a wet dog.