Why is your dog squinting?

Why is your dog squinting?

hello. This is DUZ.😉


Have you ever been busy doing something and suddenly felt eyes on you?

It's your dog squinting and looking at you!


If you're a dog owner, you've probably experienced it at one point or another.


Why do they squint and look at you?


Today, we're going to talk about the psychology of dog squinting~!




Why do puppies squint?

1. They are looking at their owner's behavior


First, the dog is trying to figure out what the owner is going to do next.


When it's time to feed your dog, they're watching your behavior, and when they smell the food, they'll run over and eat it.


This is the first psychological state of mind that predicts the owner's behavior through quiet squinting.



2. Wanting attention from the owner


The second state of mind is that the dog wants to attract the attention of the owner.


If they want to get a lot of attention, they'll come and sit next to you and pet you, but not a lot of attention, just a little bit of "I want you to recognize me" kind of attention.


If your puppy is giving you this kind of squint, you might want to go over to them and give them a little petting.



3. Spanking...


The last state of mind is just plain smacking.


They have no idea what they're doing.


In this case, even if you call their name, they don't respond, they just do nothing and are dazed or sleepy, so in this case, it's better to leave them alone.


When our puppies are looking at us with squinty eyes, it can also mean that they are unmotivated.


In this case, it's best to quietly go over and pet them and give them a big hug.




That's it for today's DUZ TIP!


Squinting in humans only means bad things, but squinting in dogs has a different meaning.


It would be nice if you could pay more attention to our doggies now that you know, right?


I'll come back with more information next time~!




Thanks for reading. Have a great day!

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