Why do you need to brush your dog?

Why do you need to brush your dog?

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Shedding season comes around every time!

What do our furry friends need most?

It’s a brushing!


Brushing your dog is one of the simplest grooming tasks you can do at home.

It's not just about keeping your dog's coat in order, it's also an essential care that has many benefits!


Today we're going to talk about why you should brush your dog, how often you should brush your dog, and how to brush your dog.


Let's start with why you need to brush your dog.



Why you need to brush your dog?


- To organize the coat

- Removes dirt

- Preventing fleas and ticks

- Check skin condition


When you brush your dog, you're removing dead hair and allowing your dog's skin to breathe, which helps prevent skin diseases.


Brushing is also the simplest way to check your dog's skin.


With frequent brushing, you'll be able to spend more time with your pup and get to the bottom of any unusual behavior your dog may be exhibiting due to a skin condition, so why not?




But how often should you brush your dog?


Brushing should be done regularly, not just during shedding season.


Ideally, you'll want to do it every day if possible, but two or three times a week is fine.


Be sure to check for ticks while you're brushing, especially if it's a nice day and you've been out for a walk, in case they've picked up some ticks on their coat.





Finally, here's how to brush.


When brushing, you should release your arm to hold the comb and brush gently with a snap of the wrist.


Be careful not to use more force than necessary.


You should also brush parallel to the skin and be as gentle as possible on the front paws, forechest, and hindquarters where bones are protruding or the skin is thin.




Do this and you've mastered the most basic of grooming!


The simplest way to know the condition of your dog's skin!


We hope that by brushing your dog regularly, you can prevent skin diseases and bond with your dog!



Thanks for reading. Have a great day!

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