What sounds do dogs hate, and what frequencies do they hate?

What sounds do dogs hate, and what frequencies do they hate?


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Puppies' hearing is many times more sensitive than ours.

As a result, they experience much higher levels of stress from sound than humans.

If you regularly expose your puppy to sounds he doesn't like, he's going to be stressed out, and stress is a killer.

If you know what sounds your puppy doesn't like and take precautions in your life, you can provide a better environment for your beloved puppy.





But first, you need to know what sounds your puppy doesn't like.


While there are many differences between breeds, we've compiled a list of common dog dislikes.

Most dogs have a particular aversion to sounds with a complex pitch range.

They react to rattling machinery, the sound of a vacuum cleaner, a power drill, a car engine, or a blow dryer.

And sudden loud noises like fireworks, firecrackers, and thunder.

These sudden loud noises can be very frightening for puppies.

It's also worth noting that puppies are sensitive to small sounds, such as squeaks and objects bumping into each other.




If there are sounds that puppies don't like, there are probably frequencies that they don't like, too, right?


While humans can hear frequencies from 20Hz to 20000Hz, puppies can hear ultrasonic waves from 40Hz to 65000Hz, which is even higher than humans.

The frequencies they don't like are said to be between 13500 Hz and 20000 Hz.


On the other hand, there are sounds that puppies love.




what sounds do puppies like?


The most common noise used by dog trainers is white noise.

The decibel level of white noise is said to help calm them down and relieve stress.

Dog trainers recommend playing a lot of nature sounds or white noise in the 50-70dB range.




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