What causes tear stains on a dog?

What causes tear stains on a dog?

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Today we're going to talk about tears in dogs.

It's not uncommon to see dogs with tears in their eyes, so why do ours keep getting them?


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Before we dive into the causes of dog tears, let's take a look at the composition of dog tears!


Dog tears contain a substance called "porphyrins," which are produced when red blood cells break down.


Porphyrins contain iron, and when they come into contact with air, they turn red, leaving red tear stains on the eyes.


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So, let's take a look at how to recognize when your dog's tears are excessive!



1. When your dog's eyes are inflamed!


If your dog has never shed a tear before and suddenly develops tear stains, you should be suspicious.

The first thing you should probably do is make sure the eye isn't sore or inflamed.

Sudden, excessive tearing can be caused by a blocked tear duct or an unidentified inflammation in the eye.

The fur around the eye then becomes wet, and as the wet fur dries and hardens, it creates tear stains.



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2. Allergies and cleanliness


Allergic reactions are different for every dog and can be caused by irritation of the skin or food that irritates the eyes.

Watery eyes can also get worse when you suddenly change their food or give them a different treat than usual.

In this case, you'll need to figure out what the dog's allergic reaction is and change the food and treats.

The cleanliness of the bowl is also a major cause of tearing.

Dirty bowls can harbor all kinds of bacteria, which can lead to infections as they come into contact with your dog's face, not to mention licking the dishes.



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3. Groom your dog's facial hair and eyelashes


Just like humans, dogs are prone to excessive tearing when their eyes are poked by eyelashes.

If their facial hair is unkempt, or if they have toxic eyelashes or excessive under-eye hair, they may poke themselves in the eye, causing tears.

Keeping your eyelashes and under-eye hair trimmed will definitely reduce your tear production! Good to know, right?


So far, we've been learning about dog tear stains.

I hope you found today's post useful.


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