Things to watch out for when taking a walk in summer with your pet

Things to watch out for when taking a walk in summer with your pet

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As the warm and delightful spring breeze fades away,
the hot summer is steadily approaching.

With temperatures soaring even in the early morning and lingering into late evening, under the scorching midday sun, many pet owners are seen taking leisurely strolls with their furry companions, savoring moments of relaxation.

So, as we approach the increasingly hot days, preparing for the imminent summer,
let's explore together some precautions to take when walking your pets on summer days!

Time selection

These days, as the midday temperature approaches 30 degrees Celsius, before heading out for a walk with your pet, the first thing to consider is the time of day.

Hence, many pet owners opt for relatively early mornings when the sun is not too intense, or late evenings when the sun has completely set, to enjoy their walks.

If you insist on walking your pet during midday, there's a risk of your pet being exposed to the scorching temperatures for an extended period, increasing the likelihood of heatstroke.

Additionally, walking on surfaces heated by the sun can result in burns on your pet's paw pads.

Therefore, it's advisable to seek times when the sun is less intense for walking
and proceed during cooler hours when the ground heat has dissipated.



In the summer, many people pay attention to their hydration to prevent dehydration due to sweating, and likewise, pet owners should ensure their pets stay hydrated during the hot summer months.

Especially during active walks, it's crucial to pay even more attention to their hydration needs.

Also, pets regulate their body temperature by sweating through saliva and paw pads, and by panting to dissipate heat, which makes them more prone to feeling thirsty during walks.

Therefore, it's essential to always bring fresh water along during summer walks 🥛
and ensure proper management to maintain your pet's hydration levels.

​Ticks and fleas and Mosquitoe

 I think the main reason why many people dislike summer is the increase in pests such as mosquitoes, which cause various inconveniences in daily life, big and small.

These pests have negative effects on both humans and pets,
and due to pets' natural inclination to explore while walking, sniffing grass and soil to relieve stress, they are easily exposed to such pests.

 ​Mosquitoes can be the cause of heartworm disease in pets,
while ticks and fleas can lead to skin problems during hot summer days,
so it's essential to take precautions during walks to avoid harm from pests.



 Just as excessive exercise is bad for humans, long walks in summer can be harmful to your pet's health.

As mentioned earlier, the rising temperatures can lead to difficulties in managing heatstroke and hydration,
which may cause problems. Therefore, rather than one long walk,
it's better to split walks into around 30-minute sessions two or three times a day.

And it's important to ensure that your pet gets enough rest during or after the walk
to allow them to recuperate fully.



As mentioned earlier, pets sweat through their paw pads 🐾
and prolonged walks on heated surfaces during hot summer days
can lead to excessive sweating and potential development of dermatitis, so caution is necessary.

Also, for those who walk their pets on shaded or damp grassy or dirt paths due to weather conditions,
these areas tend to be more moist compared to pavements or regular roads,
so it's advisable to take care to prevent dermatitis on your pet's paw pads after the walk.

During the humid summer season when sweating increases and there's also frequent rainfall,
it seems like pet owners need to put in more attention and effort than usual.
During this time, we hope our Duz Dryer can be of great assistance. 😉

Despite the challenges and discomforts of the hot summer season,
we hope you enjoy safe and pleasant walks with your pets
and wish you all healthy and happy times together.

I'll greet you again with informative postings next time!



Have a great day with the DUZ!

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