Things a dog and a cat need to know to live together.

Things a dog and a cat need to know to live together.

Hello, This is duz.😁


Which do you prefer, dogs or cats?

I love both dogs and cats.

I think there are many people who are in love with both dogs and cats like me.

As much as I love you, I think there are many people who are worried about wanting to be with both dogs and cats.

However, there is a clear difference between dog and cat personalities, so careful decisions are required. 😉

Today, before we are with dogs and cats, we will learn about the things we need to think about first and what we need to be careful about when living together.




Understanding Personality and Behavior

As mentioned earlier, there are many differences in the personalities of dogs and cats.

Dogs who originally lived in groups value hierarchy, cats value independent life, and hunting alone, so they value the realm.

So, on average, cats are more vigilant than dogs, and there are many differences between cats and dogs in behavioral language as well.

Therefore, before living together, as a guardian, I need to think carefully and think about various factors such as whether I can stay with both dogs and cats and whether the current residential environment is suitable to be together.




Getting used to gradually

Getting used to the most important thing in the process of living together.

​Dogs, the epitome of familiarity, can also cause accidents because they can be wary of first-time cat-facing situations.

So when both dogs and cats live together, if you want to be with other animals, it's a good idea to be careful not to face each other as much as possible at first.🙂

In addition, rather than facing each other quickly later, it is better to give each other space and time so that they can get used to their body odor and then proceed with the first face-to-face meeting.




Continuous surveillance.

​Even if the face-to-face is well done after getting used to each other's body odor, the guardian's continuous monitoring and observation are required.

In the process of getting close face-to-face, dogs and cats may misunderstand different spoken and acted languages, so you need to be careful not to cause problems with continuous interest.




​Provide personal space (Stress relief)

In the process of being together, dogs and cats can be under a lot of stress due to differences in personalities, so it is recommended to provide a separate space for dogs and cats to relax in their respective spaces.

It's a good idea to give dogs a place to run away and hide from stressful beings, and to give cats a high place to run away and rest.

In addition, it is recommended to try to relieve stress by taking a walk with a dog and providing hunting games to cats. 👍




Training and socialization

Socialization and training are also one of the necessary courses to live together.

​As mentioned earlier, there are many misleading parts of the voice and behavioral language of dogs and cats that are difficult to understand, so it is recommended to help them become insensitive to each other's differences through repeated training.

However, in the case of cats, socialization or training processes are often more difficult than dogs, and alertness is also difficult to solve, so it is better to train dogs to socialize and stay well.



​When two people with very different personalities meet, various problems arise in their time together, but if you recognize and accept each other's differences and differences with a loving heart, you can develop a deeper and more beautiful relationship at some point.


Also, just as dogs and cats need a lot of trial and error to be together, I think it will be a cozy resting place for both dogs and cats if we make efforts step by step to get along with each other.


I support your life with dogs and cats.
I will greet you with a fun and informative post next time!





Have a great day with the duz '◡' 







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