Let's find out about special pets!

Let's find out about special pets!


This is Duz!


This time, I would like to introduce you an exotic pet.😊

You may have heard about the story of being with a pet that you think is somewhat unique through various media.


Let's find out what other animals there are, such as dogs, cats, and fish.




​Meerkat, who also appeared as Timon, Pumba's best friend in the animated Lion King, is receiving a lot of attention as a pet for its cute appearance and behavior.

​However, behind the cute and sociable aspects, there is a belligerent enough to fight poisonous snakes in the wild, so it is important to increase your understanding by studying characteristics and behaviors before considering adoption.😉

Meerkats are originally friends who used to live in groups, so it's not good to let them stay alone, and it's better to let them stay free in a larger space than a limited space like a cage.

In addition, you should pay attention to maintaining the temperature of the room at 25-28 degrees, and it is recommended to keep it clean because separate potty training is difficult.





Have you ever raised a chick when you were young? 🐣

Usually, they were sent to the countryside or to a house with a yard because of their active activity during the growing season,

but given enough space, chickens can also be accompanied as pets.

Chickens have been with humans as livestock for a long time, but as pets,

they can interact with people, are curious and active,

so there should be a space for sufficient activities, and the residential environment should also be kept clean.
​In addition, it is recommended that you prepare food through research and study because it also affects your health depending on the type.




Mini Pig

Mini pigs, loved for their cute looks, are generally said to have a gentle personality, are friendly to people, and have high intelligence.🐷

Mini pigs that are usually companion animals are not big, so they have less space constraints,

but they need to be given enough exercise, adequate sleep, and meals.

In addition, as mentioned earlier, mini pigs have good social skills, so they can communicate through toys or play,

and social activities other than guardians are also possible.





​Originally seen throughout North America, raccoons are famous for their cute looks and curious personalities.

It usually goes on all fours, but it is also possible to stand or walk on two legs, so it is easy to climb high places such as trees using claws.

​In addition to curiosity, smart and talented people sometimes have accidents that embarrass their guardians,

and it is recommended to communicate with them through play with the right space to suit their active personality.

Raccoon also eats fruits, nuts, and insects as well as meat as omnivores, and it is good to give fish, meat, and fruits if you stay together at a regular home.

Raccoon, which has not had a long history as a pet, has a nature in the wild,

so it is recommended to actively join and take good care of their habits.





Beloved for its exotic appearance with a long body like a weasel, ferrets are also loved as pets for their cute appearance and personality.

Ferret likes to follow people and is very active and curious, so he likes to play and is also highly adaptable to living with humans.

However, ferrets have been agile and active enough to help them hunt rabbits since ancient times, so they need enough exercise and play.

In addition, food habits are also carnivorous, so you have to struggle with the choice of feed,

so you need to pay attention to cleanliness due to the smell of feces.

​While preparing for this post, I was able to find out about more exotic pets than I thought.

In the end, I thought that what was more important than the appearance of a pet was how to interact with which animal, how to learn from it and what to do through it. 😊


Duz will always support you and your companion animals, and we will come back with more informative articles next time.


Thank you :)






Have a great day with the DUZ!

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