How to bathe a puppy and when to start bathing puppies

How to bathe a puppy and when to start bathing puppies


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▶How to bathe a puppy


First, you'll need some supplies to bathe your puppy.

You'll need a comb, shampoo (conditioner), a tub or deep basket, toys, treats, towels, and a blow dryer.

Once you've gathered everything, brush your puppy before giving him a bath.

This will help to remove any loose hairs and detangle any tangles.

Now, let's give your puppy a bath.

Follow the bathing steps below.



▶Puppy bathing sequence


1. Prepare the bath water at the right temperature


It's best to bathe your puppy in water that's close to their body temperature.

A puppy's body temperature is 1-2 degrees higher than a human's, so use lukewarm water that feels warm to the touch, between 37-39 degrees.


2. Gently apply water to your puppy's body


You don't want to put water directly on your puppy's face, but rather on the side of his body that is farthest away from his head.

Start with the tail, then the butt, then the legs, then the torso, then the head.

When washing the face, be careful not to get water in the eyes, nose, or ears.

If your puppy is uncomfortable with water in his eyes, nose, or ears, he may refuse to bathe.


 3. Gently shampoo your dog


While human skin is slightly acidic(pH 5-6.5), puppies have neutral to slightly alkaline skin(pH 6.5-7.5), which makes them more vulnerable to infection than humans.

Therefore, using human shampoos would be too harsh on a puppy's skin.

For this reason, be sure to use a shampoo made specifically for dogs.

If your puppy is not used to bathing, you may want to practice washing them first with water without shampoo, as too strong of a scent may cause them to refuse to bathe if they have a sensitive sense of smell.

When shampooing, use your fingertips to gently massage, and don't use your fingernails as a puppy's skin is delicate.


4. Rinse thoroughly


Shampoo residue on your puppy's body can lead to skin diseases, so make sure to rinse thoroughly to remove any residue.

Once you're done rinsing out the shampoo, you can use a conditioner to moisturize the skin and care for the coat.


5. Drying and brushing your puppy's fur


After the bath, use a towel to dry your puppy's body as best you can. Then use a blow dryer to dry his fur and skin.

It's important to dry your dog's fur and skin as thoroughly as possible, as germs can grow if it's not dried properly.

You can use hot air to dry, but don't do it constantly as it can cause burns, especially in the eyes.

Use cool, not too hot, air to dry.

Drying your dog's fur by brushing it will create space between the hairs and allow the air to flow through, so you can dry it thoroughly from the inside out.


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▶Things to keep in mind when bathing your puppy


Take your time to let your puppy adjust to the bath.

When rinsing off the shampoo, don't use the shower head from the beginning.

The sound of the shower may startle or frighten your puppy.

Instead, use a bucket of warm water to rinse off the shampoo at first.

If you do use a shower head, turn it on beforehand to help them get used to the sound.

Also, puppies don't benefit from frequent baths.

In general, it's best to bathe your puppy once or twice a month, and if you do bathe them, try to space them out by at least a week.

The frequency of your puppy's baths may vary depending on his condition and lifestyle. It's always a good idea to consult with your veterinarian to determine how often to bathe your dog.



▶When should I start bathing my puppy?


Puppies have a weak immune system and are prone to catching colds, making it difficult to bathe them.

The best time for a puppy's first bath is after 3 months of age, or a week or two after they have received all of their vaccinations.🐶

Your puppy's first experience with bathing is a crucial time to determine how they will accept bathing in the future.

Therefore, it's important to make sure your puppy is comfortable with the bathing process and doesn't feel uncomfortable.🥰


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