How should I care for my dog or cat's coat during shedding season?

How should I care for my dog or cat's coat during shedding season?


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How should I care for my dog or cat's coat during shedding season?


It is commonly believed that shedding occurs with each change of season.


In Korea, a country with four seasons, it is theoretically correct to shed four times a year, but nowadays, many indoor pets shed twice a year, for about two to four weeks, before the winter and summer seasons, when the temperature fluctuates greatly.


I'm sure all dog and cat owners are on high alert during that time.


During shedding season, there's no end in sight to the amount of hair you can brush, and even when you vacuum, there's a lot of flying hair. Every pet owner has been there.


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You might think that a shorter haircut would reduce shedding, but you'd be wrong.


While you may visually see less shedding because the hair is shorter and less voluminous, the amount of hair that falls out is the same.


In fact, short hairs are harder to clean than long hairs and can easily get into the respiratory tract, increasing the risk of respiratory illness.


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So how do you get through shedding season safely, well, and wisely?



The most basic are brushing and bathing.


Brushing more than usual is a good way to remove dead hair and encourage new hair growth, which can help prevent skin diseases.


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The next most important thing is bathing.


It's a good idea to bathe your dog more frequently, perhaps every two weeks instead of once a month.


Bathing will also help to remove any ingrown hairs, so it's a good idea to bathe your dog often during this time, even if it's a hassle.


As the seasons change, you'll need to bathe more often.


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