Great men who loved cats

Great men who loved cats


This is Duz😉

For those who have spent more time with their pets recently,

I mainly told you how to communicate and what can be helpful.

Today, I'm going to talk about a person in history who loved animals.

I often hear stories of famous people and animals in history.

This time, I will introduce a person from history who loved cats.



1. King Sukjong of the 19th Joseon Dynasty(The old name of South Korea)

In the late Joseon Dynasty of chaos,

there was a cat-loving king recorded in history, so he was Sukjong, the 19th king of the Joseon Dynasty.

I think those who like or studied Korean history will know 😊

Sukjong is famous for his love of animals, especially his anecdotes about cats.

Sukjong, who first raised a cat in 1710, gradually developed a love for it and even gave it a cute name, among which a white cat named 'Mu-yeong' was famous.

Sukjong, who loved Moo-young a lot, saddened after his death and offered a place to pray for the rest of Moo-young,

and when he was there, other cats also sat down with Sukjong and spent time together.

In addition, it is said that there was a separate space for cats in the palace and they slept together on cold winter days as Sukjong's love for cats like 'Geummyo' continued.




2. Ernest Hemingway

Hemingway, who is very famous for 'The Old Man and the Sea',
is an American writer who is one of the leading authors of the 20th century.

He loves cats and is said to have often featured them in his works.

Hemingway treated the cats like family, and in his studio, he said they were inspired by running around freely.

Hemingway was also feeling a deep connection to the cat,

and he said that among his writings,

a depiction of the cat was one of the most confident ones he wrote.✍




3. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi, the father of India's independence movement, loved cats very much 😄

​He wore his own clothes and took his cat with him, and sometimes he set up a separate room for the cat.

Mahatma Gandhi also recommended a life of respect for all living things, including cats,

and his philosophy emphasized the coexistence of humans and animals together.

Gandhi even refused to share his meal with the cats.

Gandhi's affection for cats also influenced his thoughts and philosophy.

He had a belief that he should protect and protect weak beings such as cats,

which is reflected in his nonviolent ideology 🧐



​So far, we've learned about Gandhi, Hemingway, and Sukjong's pets, the king of Joseon.

In addition to this, we could see that many great people and celebrities such as Winston Churchill and Einstein loved and communicated with their pets.

​Next time, we will prepare posts about more characters' pet anecdotes. 😄

It seems to be a happy thing to be with a lovely pet, regardless of age or age.

I hope that we will continue to live with our wise and happy pets with Doz in the future.

Thank you:)





Have a great day with the DUZ!

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