Food that dogs shouldn't eat.

Food that dogs shouldn't eat.

Hello, This is Duz😁
Today, following the last session, we are going to find out about foods that dogs should not eat.🍴
Dogs that we are most familiar with as pets are also life-threatening for our little mistakes because they are familiar and like to be with people.
So in this post, we're going to find out what foods dogs should not eat that we should know beforehand and be careful about. 😊





Chocolate (Cacao) 🍫


Dogs should be careful of chocolate (cacao) just like cats.

Since theobromine, which is good for humans, is toxic to dogs, consuming products containing chocolate and cacao can cause problems with the heart and nervous system, and in severe cases, can lead to death from a heart attack.

​It can also affect the central nervous system and reduce nerve function in dogs, causing symptoms of addiction and, in severe cases, death.




Bones 🍖


In many places, it is often expressed that a dog bites a bone, but in fact, giving a bone is very dangerous.

Puppies have strong dental power, so if you give a bone, you can split it into small pieces or tear it, and if a small piece of broken bone enters your dog's digestive system, it is dangerous because it hurts or blocks the digestive system.

Therefore, when giving meat, it is recommended to remove and separate bones and provide only flesh.




Milk and dairy products 🥛


Like cats, dogs can't separate lactose, so they can't digest milk and dairy products.

Small amounts may not cause major problems immediately, but continuous or periodic large amounts may cause digestive problems such as poor digestion, gastrointestinal parts, diarrhea and vomiting.

Sometimes you worry about lacto-free milk due to these problems. In the case of lacto-free milk that is suitable for human body, it is difficult for dogs and cats to digest it, so it is recommended to be careful.




Careful with feed 🍚

Dog food → cat food 🙅🏻

Cat food → dog food 🙅🏻

If you raise a cat and dog together, it is necessary to clarify the distinction between dedicated feed.

Cat food has 15-20% more protein compared to dog food. Therefore, if a dog eats cat food, it will taste the meat flavor more strongly and may refuse to eat dog food afterwards. 🤦‍♂️

Therefore, if you eat cat food repeatedly, the high-protein diet will continue, which can cause kidney problems in the future.

On the contrary, if cats consume dog food periodically, caution is needed because nutrients can be scarce.




The skin and seeds of a fruit.🍚

Fruits such as apples, bananas, pears, and watermelons can be consumed by helping dogs with bowel movements, but be careful not to eat skins and seeds.

In particular, the seeds of fruit can cause problems in the dog's digestive system, so they must be removed, and fruit skins must be careful because harmful ingredients remain, such as pesticides.

Also, eating a lot of fruit can cause problems such as diabetes and obesity, and it is not recommended to serve grapes and avocados.



Compared to other pets, dogs are precious friends who share a lot of things with humans for a very long time and give us a lot in the past and present.

Rather than being natural and negligent to be around, I hope that we will share a stronger and deeper affection with our dogs at this moment with a lot of interest and love.

See you next time with more fun and informative posts!




Have a great day with the DUZ '◡'


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