Comparing the air volume of the DUZ dryers

Comparing the air volume of the DUZ dryers


Hello. This is Duz:) 💙

The biggest advantage of Duz is that it's hands-free.
However, it is also a very quiet dryer.

You might think that because it's so quiet, the wind speed is weak🤔.

Or maybe you're interested in trying out a Duz dryer, but don't know the exact air volume.

Today, we're going to answer that question by compiling and comparing all of our Duz Dryers!!!😎


▶Let's compare Duz Dryers from level 1.

V2 : 9.81m/s
V2 Pro : 8.43m/s
V3 : 9.19m/s

In level 1, V2 has the most airflow.


stop here❗

Q. If the V2 pro and V3 are the same PMSM motor, why is the airflow different?

A. The V2 Pro and V3 use the same PMSM motor, but due to the internal design, the V2 Pro has a separate motor case. However, with the V3, the V3 body itself serves as the motor casing. Therefore, the V2 Pro with the motor case will produce less airflow than the V3.



▶Next, let's compare level 2 of the DUZ dryer.

V2 : 13.17m/s
V2 Pro: 12.34m/s
V3 : 13.04m/s

​Even at level 2, V2 is showing the most airflow🤔


▶Now it's time to compare level 3!

V2 : 15.97m/s
V2 pro : 15.20m/s
V3 : 17.32m/s

In level3, v3 is showing the most airflow😮


▶Let's compare level 4.

Since V2 only adjusts airflow up to level 3, let's compare V2 Pro and V3😎.


V2 Pro : 19.34m/s
V3 : 21.21m/s

At level 4, the V2 Pro, which had a smaller wind speed than the V2 so far, has a higher wind speed and the V3 continues to show the strongest wind.

Although it was small at the same level, the V2 Pro shows more air volume as the level increases, which shows the advantage of being able to adjust the air volume in detail.🥰


▶Finally, it's time to compare LEVEL 5!

V2 Pro : 23.08m/s
V3 : 26.25m/s

This is the last airflow control level.

The V2 Pro also shows stronger wind speeds than the original V2 dryer, but the V3 shows the strongest wind speeds of any Doosan dryer.

Compared to the other dryers' 12.96m/s and
V2's level 3: 15.97m/s
V2 Pro level 5: 23.08m/s
V3 level 5 : 26.25m/s

Compared to the measurements of our DUZ dryer above, you can see that it has more airflow than the other dryers.


I've attached the table below so you can compare the air volume at a glance.🥰


👇Video of Comparison of Air Voulme by Duz Products👇


We've learned all about Duz dryers.

See you next time!


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